Granny Flat Builders Perth

Granny Flat Builders Perth


There are many reasons to choose us as your granny flats Perth builder, but most notably for our exceptional workmanship, and experience in the Perth granny flats industry. In the granny flats Perth wa area there is a whole new development of granny flats development already underway as tourists, locals, and people of all ages are becoming in tune to the advantages of living in granny flats. Being easy to maintain, and offering a decent standard of living, having your own Perth granny flat to live in can be a relaxing and rewarding experience. Having many advantages over larger dwellings, we understand how to convert square footage into quality living space so that your granny flat meets your expectations and provides you with the most awesome living experience that a granny flat can provide.

Being a leader in the Granny Flat Builders Perth market, we have our own in-house granny flats design that uses some of the most efficient building materials for the climate of Western Australia. Finding an efficient use of materials, as well as an efficient use of space has always been one of the greatest challenges of architects around the world, and with our years of experience and renovations of granny flats Perth wa, we know how to provide our customers with the best possible solution for their needs.

Granny Flat Construction Company

Being part of the granny flats Perth group of builders, we are confident that our customers will enjoy our understanding of development in the granny flats Perth wa industry and how we translate this understanding into expert construction and granny flat designs.

Some of our granny flat construction projects include:

  • Timber construction
  • Interior design
  • Off-set roofing
  • Apex styles
  • Semi-attached, detached, and attached designs
  • Open-face construction with awnings
  • Gable ends motifs
  • Duplex-style granny flats in Perth
  • Bi-level granny flats
  • Many more conventional and modern designs

In fact, we have built granny flats on their own stand-alone lots and zones that would probably qualify is larger housing units, but because we understand the concept of living space, and how this translates into square footage, as well as working with the existing zoning requirements, our Perth granny flats are in a league of their own.

Do you have your own idea in mind for your perfect granny flat? Need a little help getting through the planning and execution stages? Want to get some price quotes? How far along in the process are you? We are here to help you every step of the way no matter where you are at, so make sure to give us a call and let us get you going in the right direction.

Need A Granny Flat Builder?

Have you seen some of the Perth granny flats in the area? Many of these dwellings have either been designed or constructed by us, or both, and are a testament of our dedication to serving the granny flats Perth wa area. As a result, we hope our customers will come back to us year after year to get our exceptional work done again and again, as well as tell their neighbours and communities about our excellent work.