Build Process

Building Process For Granny Flats

The granny flat build process is something that we take very seriously, and know that each build process has some of the same requirements, even if the design is different. When we do our pre-made construction of the granny flats within our fabrication yard, as well as perform a granny flats build on our customer’s sites according to their specifications. Working around existing structures is one of our key specialties when it comes time to build a granny flat.

These are some of the things to consider for the granny flat build process:

  • timeline for development
  • construction material
  • budget and costing
  • whether you want to use it for a rental income option
  • the style and design of the granny flat
  • zoning requirements, insurance, and other options

So do you want to build a granny flat? A granny flats build can be an adventure of a lifetime, and with us, you can achieve your granny flat building dreams. Building a granny flat should not be underrated since it is a big step in the world of construction for those who already own their own home, as well as those looking for their first granny flat. In fact, many of our existing customers have already had a granny flat constructed, and are working on their second or third granny flats build.

The granny flat build process does change over time, and is dependent on a variety of nuances that are particular to location, design, client demands, and much more. Some of the key aspects of the granny flats build are choosing a design that fits with your preferences, as well as something that is good for your location. Do you plan on living in your granny flat? Do you want to rent your granny flat and possibly make some rental income? Or perhaps you want to use your granny flat to house an aging relative or person on disability. Depending on the situation you want, or your reasons for your granny flats build, we are here to make the necessary changes in design and construction needed to meet those special requirements.

Here at WA Granny Flats we know the importance of following the steps in the granny flats build process to a T, and that means that the first step is to do a needs analysis with our clients so that we can get an idea of the project before we build a granny flat.